Deluxe Room

Boundless . Posh . Cloaked In Elegance

Exquisitely designed for those who appreciate a casual elegance

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Executive Room

Stylish . Dapper . Crafted To Impress

For those that you deem worthy or important enough, let them build their confidence in your business and let us help you seal those deals

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Executive Suite

Office . Home . Best Of Both Worlds

Powered enough to be a personal office, personal enough to be your home, enjoy the best of both worlds only here

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G Suite

Romantic . Luxurious . Secluded In Privacy

Celebrate your life together in a suite that was crafted specifically for a private romance in luxury, opulence, and style

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Ample . Graceful . Twice The Opulence

A class above the rest; private, exclusive breaks

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L Suite

Luxe . Lush . Oozing With Lavishness

Intricately designed to accommodate a sense of luxury, feelings of lush comfort, and to ooze nothing but lavish opulence, all in a single ergonomic space

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XL Suite

Grandeur . Allure . Pleasure

Plush comfort is only across the thresh hold in a suite lifestyle, and provoke your senses starting from the sight of modern interior design, to even the sound of peaceful silence

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